Maintain your joints and muscles in good condition thanks to our selection of organic and natural dietary supplements, heat rubs, gels... Organic silicon to bring comfort to your joints and look after your cartilage, magnets to ease muscle pain...
  • Bambou Prèle boutique nature
    -6% off
    Boutique Nature

    Bamboo and horsetail


    €8.95 €9.50
  • Cassis - Boutique Nature
    -10% off
    Boutique Nature


    Joint comfort

    €8.90 €9.90
  • Huile de foie de morue
    -7% off
    Boutique Nature

    Cod liver oil


    Starting at: €6.95

  • Dolomite - Boutique Nature
    -5% off
    Boutique Nature


    Calcium and magnesium, remineralization

    €7.55 €7.95